Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Enigmata's Lifework in Camiguin

ENIGMATA’s Life Work in Camiguin Island
· Diet for Life
· Love Offering to Hubangon Community – Hubangon Flood Site
· Natural Farming/Korean Farming (Indigenous Micro-Organism) Organic Farming and Bio Gas Technology
· Community Solidarity – Enigmata
· Modern Yoga Around the island tour
· Barangay Tanod Arnis Training – Mamabajao Plaza
· Theater workshop for children
· Amazing Children’s Workshop
· Okkil Art and Mobile Art Exhibit/ Workshop
· Theater arts production for pre-school - Siquijor
· Art and culture expo
· Creative Writer’s Workshop
· Creative Writing Workshop
· Creative Writing for Non-Writers
· Wo-men Being Together (Gender Workshop) for CPSC
· Dance and Theater Workshop for Children
· Children’s Visual Art Workshop
· Theater Dance Workshop
· Art Workshop for Deaf Children – Family to Family, Mapa
Host of Lakbay Aral of Sta. Cruz LGU – Enigmata and around the island
Creative Writing Workshop
· Creative Inner-Journey
· 2004 Camiguin Youth Earth Camp
Joey Ayala’s Environmental Concert - Mambajao Gym
Natural Farming (Indigenous Micro-Organism) and Permaculture Workshop – Balbagon DELSILIFE
· Inner Ecology Seminar Workshop
· Inner Ecology Seminar – Convention Hall
· Enhancing Pre-School Education for Day Care Workers
· Salima Multi-media Concert for Peace and Evacuation – Convention Hall
· Livelihood Training through arts and crafts workshop for CPSC-CWTS
· Environmental Management through Recycling for CPSC-CWTS
· Moral of the Citizenry (Gender Workshop) art for CPSC-CWTS
· Environmental Education for Children
· Livelihood Training through arts and crafts workshops for CPSC-CWTS
· Theater Workshop for Children
· Livelihood Training through arts and crafts workshops for CPSC-CWTS
· Environmental Education through the Arts
· Livelihood Training through arts and crafts workshops – for CPSC-CWTS
· Educational Trip and Environmental Education through Arts and Crafts Workshop
· Environmental Management through Recycling art for CPSC-CWTS
· Arts and Crafts Workshop for Children
· Environmental Education for Maubog Elementary School Children
· Basic Puppetry Workshop for Environmental Education for Sagay School Children
· Environmental Education for Paradise Island Christian School Children
· Arts and Crafts and Visual Arts Workshop for Sagay School Children and Out of School Youth
· Host to Kalahi Workshop with NCAA and Provincial Government
· Bantay Bata Art Camp – Children’s Village, Norzagaray, Bulacan
· Host and co-organizer to the Open Learning Pack, VSO Volunteers
· A group dynamics for eco-team building for the 2005 Youth for Environment in School (YES) Organization, “Youth Society Advocates as Volunteers for Environment” (Y-SAVE) CAMIGUIN (Elementary and 80 High School YES-O officers)
· Environmental Art Education with Grade 6 pupils of Balbagon Elementary School
· Biodiversity and planning Workshop
· Workshop with children - experimental installation of Bio-sculpture garden
· “A Journey to the Heart of Mother Earth” for School Administrators (DepEd, DOST, PRRM and Enigmata)
· Educational Tour for elementary school children - Biodiversity Workshop and Clean-up with CPSC Ecotour college students
· Leadership Training for elementary YES-O / Y-SAVE officers and SCAAP advisers
· Co-Organizer to the Clean and Green Barrage Caravan (around the island campaign for plastic-free Camiguin) in partnership with Department of Education, DOST, Provincial government and other government agencies)
· Biodiversity Forum for children and Youth
Theme: Plastic-Free Camiguin (Key Note Speaker – Hon. Pedro Romualdo, Governor; Messages – Jaime M. Baclayo, PAO)
· Earth ART Film Festival; Educating through popular media about environmental issues – Shown in 18 schools around the island from Elem to College (A collaboration between DepEd, Enigmata, and Marawi State University)
· Biodiversity Week (CPSC Ecotourism students)
· Biodiversity vis-à-vis Ecotourism, Institute of Marine Biology, Camiguin Polytechnic State College (CPSC)
· Coastal Clean-up with CPSC students in Ecotour 21 & 31 subjects
· Manobo Dance Workshop; a cultural experience for ecotourism students
· Core Group Theater and Road Puppetry Workshops
· 2005 YSAVE Camiguin Youth Earth Camp Through the Arts
· Biodiversity Conservation Seminar for the Motrocycle Drivers

Leadership Training for the YSAVE Youth Volunteers and DepEd SCAAP Advisers
Rosalie Zerrudo

YSAVE Plastic-Free Camiguin Clean and Green Barrage Caravan
Rosalie Zerrudo

YSAVE Camiguin Search for Binibining at Ginoong Kalikasan (A Fashion Statement of Recycled Earth-Frinedly Attire)
Rosalie Zerrudo

Camiguin Clean-up for a Plastic-Free Camiguin
Rosalie Zerrudo

2003 Enigmata Art Attack
Rosalie Zerrudo

A Journey Back to the Heart of Mother Earth (A Biodiversity Workshop for School Administrators)
Rosalie Zerrudo

A Journey Back to the Heart of the Earth
Rosalie Zerrudo

Camiguin Ecology Seminar
Rosalie Zerrudo

Camiguin Inner Ecology Symposium
Rosalie Zerrudo

2004 Camiguin Youth Earth Camp Day 1 am
Rosalie Zerrudo

2004 Camiguin Youth Earth Camp Day 3
Rosalie Zerrudo

2004 Camiguin Youth Earth Camp Day 2
Rosalie Zerrudo

2004 Camiguin Youth Earth Camp Day 1
Rosalie Zerrudo

2004 Camiguin Earth Camp
Rosalie Zerrudo

2004 Earth Camp Joey Ayala Environmental Concert
Rosalie Zerrudo

Multi-media Puppet Theater for Children
Rosalie Zerrudo

Enigmata Creative Circle, Inc.

We are Enigmata.

We are professional, we are passionate, the visionaries, the storytellers, writers, dancers, musicians, sculptors, risk takers, moon bathers, star gazers, and we are accountable, to you and humanity.

Our work standard is based on love. Our creative juices flow in waves of emotion. Energy in Motion.

Our services aren’t limited to customary media. We will throw the most effective and imaginative concepts your way, if we think it will do the job for you; whether the work exhausts our very marrow, we will throw in our entire being if we believe in what you believe in. It is in this conviction that your needs cease to be treated as mere “accounts,” but rather, earth-shaking movements about to cause a great rumpus.

We are creatives with a universal soul. Composed of a highly experienced team of hyper multi-tasked masters of all trades scattered all over the Philippines, it will be natural for you to think it difficult to deal with us because of the vastness of space that separates your offices from our traveling artists. Yet this is what allows us to offer you the freshest insight, the most inspired angles, and the craziest schemes, conveyed to you through the highways available technology has to offer. And you need not find us too “flighty”; we work fast, we’re accountable, and we will DELIVER , beyond expectations. You can expect nothing less from grounded people rooted in their beliefs and can live in a tree house.

Our team is made up of vegetarians in the guise of former heads of Manila-based advertising agencies, world-class visual artists, event producers, musicians, digital film directors, development workers, environmentalists who can now be found in mountain tribes, island resorts, beaches, and a few cities. We have worked with consumer goods companies, banks, government, advocacy groups, schools, travel producers, and special interest groups. Our vast network of suppliers and contacts around the country allows us to efficiently produce almost any communication requirement known to man.