Saturday, December 16, 2006

2005 Earth Camp

Department of Education
Enigmata Creative Circle, Inc.

2005 Youth for Environment in School (YES) Organization
“Youth Society Advocates as Volunteers for Environment”

2005 Y-SAVE Camiguin Youth Earth Camp through the ARTS

Evaluation Form
Please check the boxes for each topic according to your ratings:
5-highest 1-lowest
5 -4 -3 -2 -1

Activity / Workshops

Sayawit Presentation
40 -46 -13 -8 -1
Painting our story / drawing by Eric and Errol Balcos
76 -20 -6 -3 -
Recycling with bottles
71 -20 -13 -3 -1
Recycling with plastics and seeds
72 -22 -12 -2 -
Indigenous recycling with drift wood
61 -27 -12 -3 -
Puppet making by Vens and Jaja
79 -19 -5 -2 -1
Music Workshop by Tatting Soliva
75 -21 -5 -2 -
Paper mache with bottles
56 -31 -11 -5 -2
Dance and movement by Alex Viray
81 -14 -9 --- 1
Theater Workshop by Felimon Blanco
71 -28 -7 --- 2
Puppet Theater Production with Enigmata artists
86 -17 -3 -1 -1
Environmental Play on stage by Enigmata artists and Tupsan Youth
78 -16 -9 -4 -1
Our Legacy: Our story
Basic Puppetry Production and Design by Dionisio dela Cruz
64 -24 -7 -1 -2
Biodiversity by Ros Zerrudo
80 -20 -5 --- ---
Ginoo at Binibining Kalikasan and Talent show down
76 -13 -10 -3 -1
Theater Workshop by Roy Alvarez
94 -5 -5 -1 ---
Roy Alvarez – Ecology Workshop
The journey within on the theme:” I am the change I want to see happen in my Universe”
95 -10 - - -
Waste Management by Peregine Cadayong
75 -20 -5 -3 -
Mirroring, Sculpting and creative dance/movement
86 -19 -5 -2 -
Games on micro-organism
76 -24 -7 --- 1
IMO – Micro – organism and natural farming
78 -15 -7 -5 -1
Environmental games by Ros Zerudo
77 -20 -7 -1 -
Bio-sculpture garden by Kublai Millan
71 -27 -7 -2 -1
Mural and painting
76 -13 -13 -2 -
Lupa concert (Pag-ibig sa KatutubongLupa)
By Waway Saway and Enigmata artists
84 -14 -3 -2 ---
Concert by Maan Chua
78 -8 -2 - -
Venue: Eco Park
49 -9 -5 -1 -
Venue: Enigmata
53 -2 ---- - -

 It is important to know the things to consider in drawing.
 Bottles can be used in some purposes.
 We can express our idea through expressing it in paper mache.
 We must love our nature.
 Every youth has there own idea about nature.
 I like the different composition.
 It encourages me to recycle bottles.
 It encourages my creativity in making puppets.
 We must love Mother Earth.
 I learn about waste management.
 I realized how important microorganisms are.
 It’s fun to learn how to compose a song with a dance.
 I really learn a lot and I realize that we really need to save Mother Earth.
 We love our nature, we should do our responsibility in order that our nation will progressive. Na ang lahat ng bagay ay magkaugnay kaya di natin ito abusuhin dahil ito ang nature na magagamit pa sa bagong henerasyon. We should have a proper waste disposal.
 Nalaman ko ang dapat nating gawin para kay Mother Earth.
 Paint beautifully.
 I learn to save Mother Earth.
 I learn how to dance, sing, paint, and to act.
 I learn how to protect and save Mother Earth and how to recycle bottle and many materials and the song of nature.
 Puppet making fuel you a creative kid.
 I learn more dance steps, to act and to care for Mother Earth.
 I learn to sing with sayaw, to play music, to save our water, learn how to be a microorganism and to make IMO.
 I learn to be always alert, prepared, strong, discipline, how to be real man. Protect Mother Earth, to trust our selves. To have confidence. Mother Nature is my most mother in the world.
 I learn what are the elements in dancing.
 I learn how to save the environment and to cooperate with others.
 I learn basic steps in making puppets.
 I learn to express ourselves.
 I learn to create something useful.
 I learn to love seas and waters.
 Music makes our soul dance.
 Appreciate small organisms
 Bring courage in acting.
 To appreciate nature and the entire human race.
 We love our Mother Nature by doing our responsibility and be helpful.
 The meaning of Biodiversity.
 You should be good in interpreting real life.
 You can make a big difference by your own little good way.
 Ang panapon ay wag gawing waste.
 We can inform through music.
 To be confident.
 To be a true human.
 I develop my talent more in music.
 Makes me realize what really is environment and to make it safe.
 Save our forest.
 Learn to dance with the proper communication.
 I learn to be serious, nagamit ko skill , naging fashionist at ako’y naging savior.
 To relate our own story.
 Searching my creativity.
 Conservation of Mother Earth.
 To sing with joy.
 Unlock our talents.
 How to care ME.
 To play with colors.
 To make fertilizer by not hurting Mother Earth.
 I really learned a lot and will keep and share it with others.
 To know the value of drawing, it is good to let go of your body’s energy.
 To be open-minded and creativity and the best.
 How to be more responsible and give important to the creations of God.


 I hope it will be more exciting next time…
 Sana ang mga Enigmata Artist and mag-managed/mag-organized kasi sobrang galing nila. Maraming salamat dahil for the first time, and dami kong natutunan.
 I would like to thank you Enigmata artist if without you, hindi naming ito mararanasan sa aming buhay and I would like to do activities more enjoyable para magkaroon ng makulay na buhay.
 I would like to do those activities again more enjoyable specially the workshop with Kuya Alex and Kuya Vince. I enjoyed a lot on this Earth camp and aside from that, I made new friends, I experienced a lot of things that I didn’t did before, it was so fun.
 Sana magpatuloy ang inyong mga pagtuturo sa pag-aalaga ng Mother Earth.
 Swimming.
 Martial arts.
 This day’s activity gives me a wonderful and enjoyable experience. All those activities is what I want to do again next year.
 I hope Enigmata will continue this kind of events so that you can awake, amaze, help, improve others who joins. Kuya Alex, really different! This time theirs someone who push me to bring objective to save Mother Earth and it’s you, Enigmata!!!
 Well, we can care our living things which are God given. Like plant, they give us our fresh air and give us shade. We must not throw our garbage to the sea. It is so beautiful that I know how to care mother nature. We can’t survive if no food. We plant more trees, trees gives us more food.
 I learned something in this earth camp and my unforgettable experience in my High school life. I learned to protect this world, how to use anything in this world in right place. To communicate in all living in nature and I understand that all things of food are came from our Mother Earth.
 I can only say that it so good to help each other by caring our environment. And also by appreciating each other on how we are going to improve and make our mother earth look good. Likewise, it is so nice to see our environment when its back to normal. We should plant more trees.
 Thanks for all the information that you shared to us. Its my pleasure to learned many things from you. From now, I realized that nature is very important. There’s so many things that comes in my mind like someday I would like to be you, that someday I would be an environmentalist and that someday I can stay in Enigmata and live there together with you. And I promise I will help Mother Earth and apply those beautiful things that you shared.
 I’ve experience a different camp of all times!!! I’ve enjoyed every moment in my stay. I really love to be with nature and it’s a great opportunity as a part of science camp. Hindi mawawala ang pagkahilig ko sa music, I will try to play more instruments.
 Planting trees, martial art, swimming.
 I hope next time we will have planting trees activities at the forest to help Camiguin and to save Mother Earth.
 This camp really change my hue of my vision… even though I’m not satisfied with the food…it’s doesn’t matter for the reason that I have the most unforgettable and memorable camp in my life! Definitely I have a great time learning to love and being a nature lover and with you guys… I suggest to have a nature trip next time for us to understand what is the real situation of our place as well as the world.
 All I can say is that we should care and preserved our mother earth in order to make our lives more enjoyable, exciting and interesting. And all of what I’ve learned in this earth camp will be assured as a lesson for myself and this world be a very great experience and a lesson also for I realized that it is really important to care and help our mother earth because It give us life, food and everything that we need.
 I hope it will more exciting events next time that can make the campers more enjoyable and where they create things that the triple “R” will be applied.


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