Saturday, December 16, 2006

2006 Poems on Ecology by Camiguin Children


The beauty of nature
So clean and colorful
The earth, the water, plants and air
Were the people needs to be alive.
In the mountainsides
Shores, falls and springs
So fresh and cold.

But what happened
To the nature
It was polluted
Because of what we are doing
Like using chemicals and fertilizers
And many others
We have no RESPECT to our nature.

That is the work of the people
Who destroy nature
So we should love and
Have respect to our nature.

Reizle Jane R. Borres
Grade VI
11 yrs. Old
Catarman Central School

Sources of Life

There are many sources of life
First is the water
Water is important, it gives life to us
Next is the soil
If there is no soil, the plants will not grow
The air is colorless
If there is no air, we cannot breath
The last is the plants
Plants gives us food to eat
We need to protect the sources of life!

Abegail K. Ugat
Grade IV
10 yrs. Old
Catarman Central School

The Natural Resources

Soil, water, plants, sun and air
Are the natural resources
Soil is very important to us
If there is no soil, plants will not grow
Water is very important to us
Without water, plants will die

Plant is very important to us
If there is no plants, we cannot find food
Sun is very important to us
Without sun, there is no source of energy and light
Without air, we cannot breath.

Lervim Lee B. Calawan
Grade IV-Earth
10 yrs. Old
Catarman Central School


In our environment we can see
different component of nature
Air, plants, animals, water and soil
All of these are the source of life.

Different human activities destroy these vital source of life
Cutting of logs legally or illegally
Dynamite fishing, fishing using chemicals
Destroy the fish habitat and the fish itself

Mining destroy the mountain,
Habitat of diverse form of life
Siltation of rivers kills different biodiversity

Stop the human activities that destroy nature
So that the children of our children
Will not suffer the consequences of nature.

Jan T. Bingat
Grade V
11 yrs. Old
Catarman Central School


Soil, you are the source of life!
All people, farmers
Depend only in you

To me all things are done
Because of you
Plants are worthwhile to grow and bear
They make us healthy as we should be

As I walk alone
I feel and know
That nature in life
Is because of you

Soil, if nature enabled you
To be the greatest source of life
I will make you rich
I will protect you
And I will salute you.

Gheen Leigh Dadang
Grade VI
11 yrs old
Catarman Central School

The Air

Do you see the air?
No, but you can feel!
air is so very useful
Without air we cannot breath
The air is like children
When they are playing with the wind
So do not use pesticides and other
And other that can destroy the air
So the air will not be polluted.

Rey Valenz M. Sagocsoc
Grade VI-Gold
12 yrs.old
Catarman Central School

Nature as God’s Creature

How nice to see nature
And experience to use its different creatures
How lovely to see big trees, wide ocean
And different natural resources
Its very wonderful to breath fresh air
And to feel the hotness and coldness of nature
To hear the sound of rushing water in river
The sound of different animals
And specially the sound of whispering nature…
Thank GOD, He created nature!

Wendysyl R. Mabale
Grade VI
11 yrs. Old
Catarman Central School


Nature is my friend and yours,
So do not harm them all
And someday we will realize
That nature is useful

They make the air clean
And make the surroundings green
Nature give us food and wood
And shelter to animals and for all

So let us care for our Mother Nature dear
For they are God’s wonderful creature
How good the Nature to give us the wonderful
Gift for all!

Zoida Clara Yamba
Sagay Central School
11 yrs old

The Clouds

Clouds is the most beautiful in the sky
Clouds is colored in white and sky is colored in blue
Most of the clouds are form in any shapes
God gives clouds to help protect our ozone layer
Many of the clouds are black and white

Cloud is important of the sky
God gives cloud is because the people will like it
God know that
We know the God is powerful than us
We will respect God decision
To do our duty on earth!

Mayumi Aiko B. Uayan
Sagay Central School
11 yrs old

Journey of Life

The journey of life is important of us
It is beautiful and colorful
The tree is strong and healthy
The sky have different colors
We success that the seeds of how to begin
To big and we see how the ant get food
We see the children play in the grass
The flowers are destroyed
The sea is beautiful but not so clean
There are many leaves to flow down the grass

Raisa Noron C. Campong
Sagay Central School
12 yrs old


Water is like a moving car
It never goes up, always down
One of the most beautiful gift of nature is water
Which is one of the things we need

Fishes, crabs, snails are some of the food we can find
On which some people depend

Love and respect we need to conserve water
So let us thank to God’s creation, specially nature
From their glorious gift like water
For they are good to all

Pebe Mae U. Abao
Sagay Central School
11 yrs old


Seeds begin with a small thing
Just a little seed is planted
And then it started growing

Seed is like a beginning
Wonderful grow
From the starting
Like a morning sun rising

You can’t believe
For just a little
But it is a God creation

Rolen Zaballero
Sagay Central School
11 yrs old


What a colorful, right!
Pink, yellow, red and blue
Making the surrounding glow

The fragrance of this scent
Attract people, animals and some birds
They bring life to everything else

Flowers are some gifts of nature
Loveliness are God’s reflection

Ma. Naome E. Fuentes
Sagay Central School
11 yrs old

The Nature

The nature is very important to us
It is our source of food and drinks
It helps us prevent flood and other calamities
It helps us live wonderfully

The flowers and plants that grow anywhere on land
Protect them all for they help us grow
Because without nature
Life is impossible

Rauline R. Kiunisala
Sagay Central School
11 yrs old

The Beautiful Nature

The beautiful nature is found in Camiguin
If Camiguin is no the tourist is not around
The Camiguin is no live and not very beautiful
If they say that Camiguin is not beautiful
But one says that Camiguin is very beautiful
And I found that they are right
Camiguin is beautiful
And many rivers, seas, falls and everything

Irene V. Pajaro
11 yrs old


There are many kinds of clouds
Cumulus, Cirrus, Stratus and Nimbus clouds
The Cumulus clouds are like big pile of cotton
The Cirrus is curl up clouds
The Stratus is made a particles of eye
The Nimbus is a dark cloud

Sherlan A. Sarigumba
Sagay Central School
10 yrs old


What a beautiful nature!
For they give a beautiful gift to all

The trees is a wonderful
Creature of nature

For they are useful
We are so thankful

To have a beautiful and
Wonderful trees given to us from Nature

Josemie C. Nahid
Sagay Central School
11 yrs. Old

Mother Earth and the Child

How are you Mother Earth?
I’m so happy my child.
Yesterday all things are green and beautiful
All things are bright and wonderful
God made perfect for all

Today I’m so lonely my child
My green trees are burning and failing
My fertile soil are disappearing
Water is polluting

Fish are dying
People are starving and dying
Tomorrow, my dear child
Its up to you my dear

Hannah S. Acero
Grade IV
Anito Elem. School

The Things I Love

These are the things
I love to see
The morning sun
The pretty flowers that opens one by one
The green grasses are growing
The rivers running by
The bees, the butterflies
Flying low and high

Diana S. Igot
Grade V
10 yrs old
Anito Elem. School

Our Nature

Our nature is beautiful and bright
The flowers have different colors and different size
There are so many trees that have different names
Like narra, ipip-ipil, Lanzones and santol.
The water in Camiguin is natural and the air is fresh and cool

Miraflor M. Opema
Grade VI
11 yrs old
Anito Elem. School

God’s Creation

God’s creation is useful to every living things in the world
You can see everything that surrounds you
You can touch the beautiful flowers
You can climb any mountain in the world
You can feel the earth in any senses you have
The senses are very useful and important thing
Because we can see everything, we can say anything
We tastes anything and feel anything with your senses
The living things like plants, animals and the most
Of all human beings
Without human beings, no animal and plants
Without plants and animals, no human beings
The most important things that we need are air
Soil and sunlight
Without them, no living things were alive
Remember, do not destroy your nature and the
Creature of this beautiful thing is God

Jenith S. Luntian
11 yrs old
Balbagon Elem. School

Our Big Earth

The earth is very big
It looks like a very wide ball
It is very big and wide
Plants live on earth
Animals live on earth
You and I live on earth
It is our home!

Sheenah H. Abbu
Grade VI
11 yrs old
Balbagon Elem. School

The Flower

Flower is beautiful to see
It has many different colors, shape, etc.
To help other people
Also it is decorate, if there is a fiesta
Graduation, etc
If there a vase in your house
It can be put the flowers on it.

Sandra C. Resma
12 yrs. old
Balbagon Elem. School

Rise and Shine

I thought to do my work today
But a brown bird sang in a narra tree
A butterfly fitted across the garden leaves
Of all sizes were falling free

As a wind were shining over the land
Tossing and grassing to and pro
As a rainbow flash like a shining hand
So what could I do
But rise and shine

April Rose C. Cadorna
Grade V
Balbagon Elem. School

The Ricefields

I did my work today about ricefields
Today I ever seen that many people sickness in ricefields
Because of the insecticides
I concern that many people
Sickness in the ricefields so
We be careful in doing anything so

Rhea Mae A. Ladesma
Grade V
Balbagon Elem. School

The Sun and the Plants

The sun gives us food
The sun help people to grow plants
The sun is big
The plants give us the food to eat
The plants gives us strong body

Mae Doryl A. Bucad
Grade VI
11 yrs old
Anito Elem. School


Plants are very useful to people and animals
They need loam soil
Without soil, the plants didn’t grow
Without water, the plants will not grow, too
Plants are very useful to us
They soil, water and sunlight
If you take good care of the plants
The plants grow big, wider and beautiful
Let’s take good care of our plants!
Raya Grace B. Agol
Grade IV-Jupiter
10 yrs old
Catarman Central School

Save Water

Water gives life to us
Without water, we become thirsty
The plants and animals will be thirsty and will dies, too

How beautiful to save water from harmful chemicals and
To have clean water!

Bianca Marielle A. Malones
Grade IV-Earth
10 yrs old
Catarman Central School


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